Friday, August 21, 2009

Freaky Friday....

This morning I looked around at all of the projects that I have going and/or want to get started...and F R E A K E D!! I actually started the summer (after getting back from almost a month of travel between Kentucky (Niece Pagie's Wedding) and California (step-son Nick's graduation) with this project for my daughter, Amy. She is in nursing school and is carrying around books that are bigger than her, and desperatly needs something to carry them all in, (while looking cool at the same time!)

(This is a picture of the current state of said bag! arrrrggguuuuhhhhh!)

I also started this for my step-mom, Karen, this summer, who probably won't get much use out of it this year, as we are quickly moving along into fall, and I don't even have it 1/2 finished yet!

(Double arrrrggguuuuhhhhh!)

I purchased a lot of yarn at some awesome deals this summer in hopes of getting some cool, quick things made for family!

And I just received in the mail yesterday, a TON of pattern books that normally range from $5.95 to $9.95 all for $14.24 which included shipping and handling charges, to make those cool quick things ..woohoo!!!

I'm also wanting BADLY to get to a cute little cloche for my adorable grand-niece, along with about a dozen other things for her including matching outfits that I already have patterns and material for her and her Bitty Baby...8-(

Something like this...
(She's just too darn cute, huh?)

Now, if I could just figure out how to get these things finished....I did make a couple of tote bags this summer for my daughter, one for a summertime swap that she participated in and then another one in different colors for one of her good friends that is getting married soon. We made that one in her wedding colors and Amy filled it with all kinds of "essentials" that she may need on her wedding day...

I would love to find the time to finish this project that I wanted to do for my husband, Steve, for his birthday...which has come and gone...Happy Belated Birthday, Honey, maybe, just maybe, I'll get it finished for Christmas....(insert deep sigh here)...I Love You!

And, of course, I would love to find the time to do this....

or this....

I guess I'd better stop "freaking" about all these things and get too it, huh?

Happy Friday everyone, freaky or not!