Saturday, June 27, 2009

Amy's " Summertime Swap"...and I helped..

Amy participated in a "Summertime Swap" and was paired up with a cute girl named Jordan. It was amazing to me just how much these two girls had in common, even though they live hundreds of miles apart and had never met before, even in the blog world! Amy is here in the (not so sunny) Sunshine State of Florida, (I say this because we are full swing into our rainy season with rain and thunderstorms...every -- single --day ..insert sigh here..) while Jordan lives in Texas. They were paired up thru another blogger, Sweet Tea Diaries - Angela - (I dunno why, but, I really like that name ...teehee) who sponsored the "swap". Anyway, I gladly helped out with the "swap" by making a cute "beach/lake tote" and some co-ordinating koozies for Jordan. I had a lot of fun participating in this with Amy, and I gotta tell ya....there is something pretty cool about seeing pictures of your work on a someone else's blog, in Texas, and you've never met that person before. Here's a couple of pictures of the tote and the koozies, before they left the Sunshine State.

It seems Jordan like them, along with all the other cool things Amy included, and Amy got some really cool things in return. You can check the details of each of their swaps at their blogs...and also see pictures of my uhmmm..sorry...Jordan's tote and koozies, which are now in the Lone Star state of Texas. I just think that's so cool.

As for me, I'm off to start another bag....this time for Amy. She liked it so much, she asked if I would make her one too. I'm into 3 different projects at the stay tuned.


  1. I think it's cool too! Thanks Mom! :)

  2. It turned out perfect! The coordinating coozies were a really good idea too. My sister is so talented :)