Friday, September 11, 2009

First Time Friday !

My daugher, Amy, over at The Un-wife Housewife Life, sent me a link to this cool ***Scarf Swap*** over at Loves of Life.

I still consider myself fairly new to the blog world, and I've never entered a blog anything... but I figured, why not? I love scarves of any shape and color, I have several of them in fact that I do not get to wear nearly as often as I would like to. Living in the hot, humid, muggy South Florida area, we don't have many days that you feel like having much of anything wrapped around your neck. But, when we do have a nice cool day, or when we travel north to visit family, you can be sure that I will be wearing one of some sort, most all the time!

I'm looking forward to my first "swap" and I'm excited that it's a scarf swap. I highly recommend you heading over and visit Katie at Loves of Life and sign up. Entries will only be accepted 'till September 21!

Join the fun

Hurry! You sure don't want to be left out in the cold!! (all pun intended, of course!)

and, as always,

Happy Friday!


  1. You have a BLOG! This is so fantastic Angie and it's looking great. I love your logo as well.

  2. You're very generous with the comment, but thanks! It's very plain....but I'm working's the content that counts, yes??? LOL....Thanks for following me! 8-)

  3. I left you something on my blog! :)