Thursday, June 25, 2009

F is for Friday, Family Heirlooms and Fantastic Wedding Gifts

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my niece, Paige, got married last month. She has given me a lots of laughter and lots of love over the last several years and I wanted to do something special for her and her hubby as a wedding gift. Paige is not your typical expensive china, crystal, silver type of girl. Her tastes run to the more economical, useful type of stuff instead of the pretty's that so many of us like to display in our homes (but cringe at the thought of actually china, crystal...etc, etc...). However, she is very family oriented and treasures things that have been passed down thru the family, so, with that in mind, and me wanting to be original and creative, I came up with what I felt was the perfect wedding present for her and Jason.

She seemed to love it, and is going to have it matted and framed to hang in her new home. She has promised to send me a picture of it when that is done and I'll share that with all of you when I get it. She now has a family heirloom all her own to pass on to future generations of little Orlando's.

(my husband asked me to post this picture so that you can get and idea of the size of this project)

It was a lot of fun creating this special gift for her and Jason. It was also A LOT of stitches with thread instead of yarn. It's called filet crochet, and other than some small snowflakes that I did this past Christmas to hang on our tree, it is the first project of this type that I've ever done. I was really, really pleased with the results and I can't wait to start another one.

Happy Friday!


  1. We LOVE LOVE IT! We have all the pieces we need, except one piece of matte board. We thought we only wanted one, but once we started working on it, decided on two. They were all busted when we went back, so we are waiting on a truck to Hobby Lobby! As soon as its finished and hung in our foyer, we will send pictures!! :)

  2. I can't wait to see it and I'm glad you love it! Love you, Paigey Poo! 8-))