Friday, June 12, 2009

F is for Friday...Fun Fur, Flamingos and Flip Flops!

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been sooooo long since my 2nd ever post....I've been busy, busy, busy...(and out of town for a bit - my beautiful niece got married and we spent a bit of family time with everyone in Kentucky) I've also been crocheting away...Remember this?...

Well, it's actually called "Fun Fur" and along with some pink yarn, a little smidge of black yarn, some polyfill stuffing and a couple of beads for eyes, I turned it into one of these...

and, then I used the rest of the fun fur and made a pair of these...

I did both of these things for my beautiful "Seester" who absolutely LOVES flamingos AND flip flops (in just about any style and color, I might add). I wanted to do something crazy and cute for her, since she was feeling a little "blue" 'cause her baby girl got married. Guess what!?!?!? It WORKED!!!! She was tickled "pink" --(all pun intended of course!)

I'm just finishing up another project that I've been working on for my daughter, Amy, who is participating in some kind of "Summertime Swap" thingy with her blogging friends....(yes, I'll post pictures when it's all finished) and then, I'm going to put down the crochet hook for just a little bit to work on a bag for her to carry her books in. She is back in nursing school for the summer and has books bigger than her (well, almost bigger than her...) and she could really use something cute, but durable, to lug them around in everyday. So, stay tuned...I'll be back with more stuff soon! Happy Friday!!


  1. I'm so glad my internet came back so I could be the first to comment on your new post! The Flamingo came out so cute!!!! The flip flops are definitely "Aunt Lisa", and I can't wait for my bag! You can't post my swap gift though until Jordan gets it!!!!! In the meantime...You can, however, post my cute "dress in a pinch"!!!

  2. I was/and am tickled pink with my cute little knobby kneed (sp??) flamingo and I am wearing my furry flip flops everywhere!! I think they are even more comfortable (and so much cuter) now than they were before!! You people better get your orders in quick before Angie gets too busy to fur your flops!! (teehee) I'm going out this weekend to see if I can find fur to match some of my others :) I've seen the bag in progress it's gonna be great and the dress is adorable. MORE PICTURES!! MORE PICTURES!!! :)

  3. I was "told" by the internet know...that guy that sits beside me on the couch most days...that my pictures needed to be BIGGER... So, I made them bigger..and, no worries Amy, nothing will be posted till Jordan get's her "swap"!!! and...that "cute dress in a pinch" should be up tomorrow...8-))

  4. I agree with the internet guru. I was going to tell you the same thing. I like them the way they are in the dress in a pinch one, so you can click and make them bigger....